What Is A Lead Magnet & How Does It Work?

If you have a website where you sell different products or services, you must have already heard of SEO and even used it to improve your traffic. There is no doubt that SEO can help you with more traffic.

But how much of it you own?

In simple words, suppose if your website gets hit by a Google algorithm update, in that case, all the SEO efforts made by you previously will go in vain. Irrespective of how much traffic you used to get in the past, you’ll have to start from scratch. If you don’t want to invest another few months to regain your rankings or traffic, then start working towards building a list right from day one.

Once you do it, no matter how many new algorithm updates come and hit your website, the number of users in your email list will always have your back and help you bounce back. A lead magnet can help you do it easily.

Lead Magnet & Its Importance?

According to The Limitless Agency, a lead magnet is a free offer given by you to users in return for their details like name and email ID. Some lead magnet offers even ask for location data, age, and marital status. But since most people don’t want to share too much personal information online, a name and email ID should be enough to kickstart a lead magnet campaign.

If you have a website built around a specific niche and are getting decent traffic every month, then you can create a landing page right on your website and start capturing leads in return for a free offer like an e-book, free consultation, or anything else that might interest users.

Even if your website is not receiving enough traffic, you can create an attractive landing page and start running social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, or Snapchat to get relevant leads according to your niche. Keep on running a lead magnet campaign on a regular basis to build a solid email list that you can use to promote your services or products in the future.

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