Top Collision Repair Shops In St. Louis And Rising Car Accident Cases

If you have been living in St. Louis for some time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that St. Louis is one of the worst-ranked places when it comes to car accidents. If you compare all the cities in the United States, St. Louis is the third-worst on the list after Detroit and Albuquerque. There can be multiple factors responsible for this undesirable feat, but some common ones are road designs, irresponsible behavior by drivers, and drunk driving.

If you go further deep while checking St. Louis crash statistics, you’d find that it’s not just the third-worst city when it comes to car accidents, but also 30th worst in terms of cost of car ownership and maintenance, 66th worst in terms of traffic and infrastructure, and 98th worst in terms of overall safety.

In 2017, a total of 57 car accident-related fatalities were reported here, which accounted for 6.15% of the total 927 accident-related fatalities across the entire state. Apart from these deaths, St. Louis also reported 284 serious accidents in the same year, roughly 5.84% of total serious injuries in the state. These numbers have just gone up since then.

As a car owner living in St. Louis, you must keep this data in mind and take necessary precautions always. An important step in this direction can be to know the top-rated collision repair shops in the city. Although there are many such workshops in St. Louis, the first place goes to Auto Body and Collision Repairs, followed by Central Auto Body Rebuilders, Inc., Dent Devil, DentNation International, E.B.G. Collision, and Five Star Auto Body Repair.

This ranking takes into account responsiveness and availability of workshop staff, qualification of all the employees, reputation in the local area, experience, and professionalism. In case you ever get involved in a car accident in St. Louis, these are the collision repair shops where you can visit and get your car fixed quickly and effectively without spending too much.

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