Sunburns and Hair loss

Sunburns and Hair loss

Sunburns and Hair loss

It’s no secret that sunburns are one of the most annoying parts of summer. A sunburn can ruin vacation photos and even cause lasting skin damage. Skin cancer is more common in people who frequently get sunburns, so it’s important to be careful whenever you’re spending lots of time outside.

Most people know to put sunscreen on their arms and legs, as well as across their face. After that, only a few people know about the more sensitive areas of the body that are at an increased risk of sun damage. These include:

  • Shoulders
  • Back of neck
  • Ears
  • Scalp

Failing to protect these areas adequately can result in some nasty burns. Peeling ears and sore shoulders make day-to-day life miserable.

Most people don’t need to worry too terribly much about their scalp. A hat or scarf can protect it against the sun’s harsh rays, and so can the person’s own hair. However, for someone going through hair loss, a bare scalp is especially susceptible to burning.

Very rarely does the scalp see the sunlight. Hair and other protective wear guard it against damage. If you’re going bald, however, you need to be hyperaware and protective of your scalp. Melanoma and other forms of skin cancer can flourish there, making it a hotspot for danger. Applying sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect yourself against sun damage.

If you do end up with a questionable mole or sunspot, consult a doctor immediately. A biopsy can rule out any concerns you may have. However, you may end up with some slight scarring on your scalp as a result of this treatment. Hairline Ink offers scalp micropigmentation to help cover up any scars that may arise after treating skin damage.

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