Heat and Hair Loss

Many of us are familiar with the typical reasons behind hair loss. We all know that aging is a leading culprit, but we also know that underlying diseases and illnesses can also contribute to hair loss. A less discussed reason behind hair loss is the heat. This doesn’t refer to the heat from the sun, but rather the heat from hair styling tools.

If this news to you, keep reading to learn more about how excessive heat can accelerate hair loss.

The Connection

Unless you’re familiar with the anatomy of the human head, you might be a little confused as to why heat from styling tools is a contributor to hair loss. The heat from styling tools makes the hair extremely dry, making the strands extremely vulnerable to breakage. You’ll notice these dry strands fall out easier, especially when you’re brushing your hair or taking a shower.


The easiest solution is to stop using heat on your hair altogether, though that may be a bit unrealistic. Sometimes we have to use heat to style our hair, especially when a big event is approaching.

Another solution is to use a heat protectant in the form of serums or sprays that you can put onto your hair that saves the hair shafts by covering it with a protective formula. These can greatly reduce the amount of hair that you are losing from using your straightener, curler, or hairdryer.

In terms of combatting hair loss, you have several options at your disposal. Your general practitioner can prescribe you medicines, ointments, or shampoos that encourage the hair to grow.

Other people have turned to scalp micropigmentation services, like Hairline Ink in San Antonio, that fill in the hairline with pigments to create a more full hairline. It is one of the more creative solutions out there, but a lot of people have begun using the service.

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