What Is A Lead Magnet & How Does It Work?

If you have a website where you sell different products or services, you must have already heard of SEO and even used it to improve your traffic. There is no doubt that SEO can help you with more traffic.

But how much of it you own?

In simple words, suppose if your website gets hit by a Google algorithm update, in that case, all the SEO efforts made by you previously will go in vain. Irrespective of how much traffic you used to get in the past, you’ll have to start from scratch. If you don’t want to invest another few months to regain your rankings or traffic, then start working towards building a list right from day one.

Once you do it, no matter how many new algorithm updates come and hit your website, the number of users in your email list will always have your back and help you bounce back. A lead magnet can help you do it easily.

Lead Magnet & Its Importance?

According to The Limitless Agency, a lead magnet is a free offer given by you to users in return for their details like name and email ID. Some lead magnet offers even ask for location data, age, and marital status. But since most people don’t want to share too much personal information online, a name and email ID should be enough to kickstart a lead magnet campaign.

If you have a website built around a specific niche and are getting decent traffic every month, then you can create a landing page right on your website and start capturing leads in return for a free offer like an e-book, free consultation, or anything else that might interest users.

Even if your website is not receiving enough traffic, you can create an attractive landing page and start running social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, or Snapchat to get relevant leads according to your niche. Keep on running a lead magnet campaign on a regular basis to build a solid email list that you can use to promote your services or products in the future.

Can Accidents Have Mental Trauma In The Long Run?

Seattle is one of the busiest cities in the United States. With so many professional and entrepreneurial opportunities, people from all over the country visit here every day, which along with lakhs of people living in the city, put additional pressure on the transportation system.

As soon as you hit the road in Seattle, you can see cars everywhere. Sometimes, people get hit by these cars and succumb to serious injuries, both physically and mentally. If you didn’t already know, the mental trauma created by these car accidents can affect victims’ lives for many months.

Mental Trauma Due To Car Accidents:

According to Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, a well-known personal injury law firm based in Seattle, mental trauma can be in the form of emotional distress, anguish, humiliation, shock, anxiety, anger, loss of appetite, embarrassment, weight fluctuations, or sleep disturbances.

Many studies conducted on this topic in the recent past conclude that those who suffer from nonfatal accidents can have any of the symptoms mentioned above. If not treated on time, these traumas can lead to chronic depression, and destroy a person’s life completely.

Since the effects of mental trauma don’t show up immediately, it can become difficult to prove the other party responsible for them. This is where the help of a personal injury lawyer can be vital. In the case of an accident where you haven’t had severe injuries, you can seek compensation for a possible future mental trauma. Simply, reach out to a well-known lawyer and discuss this matter so that the law department can help you get what you are owed.

Jeffrey Caffee has fought hundreds of such cases in the past and won them for his clients. Get in touch with his team to make sure that you don’t have to face financial difficulties because of the mental trauma caused by someone else’s careless driving in Seattle. You can call him or visit his website for scheduling a free consultation in a hassle-free way.

Top Collision Repair Shops In St. Louis And Rising Car Accident Cases

If you have been living in St. Louis for some time, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that St. Louis is one of the worst-ranked places when it comes to car accidents. If you compare all the cities in the United States, St. Louis is the third-worst on the list after Detroit and Albuquerque. There can be multiple factors responsible for this undesirable feat, but some common ones are road designs, irresponsible behavior by drivers, and drunk driving.

If you go further deep while checking St. Louis crash statistics, you’d find that it’s not just the third-worst city when it comes to car accidents, but also 30th worst in terms of cost of car ownership and maintenance, 66th worst in terms of traffic and infrastructure, and 98th worst in terms of overall safety.

In 2017, a total of 57 car accident-related fatalities were reported here, which accounted for 6.15% of the total 927 accident-related fatalities across the entire state. Apart from these deaths, St. Louis also reported 284 serious accidents in the same year, roughly 5.84% of total serious injuries in the state. These numbers have just gone up since then.

As a car owner living in St. Louis, you must keep this data in mind and take necessary precautions always. An important step in this direction can be to know the top-rated collision repair shops in the city. Although there are many such workshops in St. Louis, the first place goes to Auto Body and Collision Repairs, followed by Central Auto Body Rebuilders, Inc., Dent Devil, DentNation International, E.B.G. Collision, and Five Star Auto Body Repair.

This ranking takes into account responsiveness and availability of workshop staff, qualification of all the employees, reputation in the local area, experience, and professionalism. In case you ever get involved in a car accident in St. Louis, these are the collision repair shops where you can visit and get your car fixed quickly and effectively without spending too much.

The Growth of BPO Industry in the Philippines & What You Can Learn From It?

BPO or business process outsourcing allows large businesses to outsource a part of their business to third parties that charge a lot lesser than what they have to spend if they choose to set up an in-house team. BPO as a concept has been in existence for last many years and witnessing steady growth year after year. The Philippines is one of those countries that have benefitted tremendously because of business process outsourcing.

Growth of BPO Industry In Philippines:

In the year 2018-19, the Philippines’ service sector led by the IT BPO industry contributed about 60% of the overall economic growth. The primary reason behind this exponential growth of the BPO sector is cheap labor and phenomenal service quality. Businesses from all over the world prefer to outsource their business processes to the Philippines so that they can get the best possible services without spending a lot of money.

According to https://www.peakoutsourcing.com/, this trend is going to continue in the coming years as the BPO industry is expected to maintain a CAGR of 9.2% between 2016 and 2022. Although the pandemic has affected these numbers a bit, the long-term growth outlook of the Philippines remains better than other neighboring countries when it comes to the BPO sector.

As a US-based business owner, if you are keen on cutting down your expenses without affecting your operational efficiency, then start outsourcing without any further delay. Almost all the top names in the US tech industry outsource some part or the other to third-party firms from the Philippines and other Asian countries.

This practice saves them a lot of money as well as time and increases their bandwidth to focus on other critical business operations that can affect the long-term business growth. It’s a proven strategy to grow any business comfortably over time.

You can learn from them and move away from traditional business setups. Give a shot to business process outsourcing in your company and connect with a Philippines-based firm that can help you reduce your workload and improve overall efficiency.